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Copy waypoint text

Posted by () at Saturday, 7. July 2018, 11:38. 2 comments

Today when I was coping the waypoint of the boss event, the waypoints of the future events were being copied to. Like in this image i hit the button to clipboard the waypoint to Great Jungle Wurm, but copied all the waypoints of the future events.
Is there a way to copy only the waypoint that i clicked to copy?

Posted Image

Como faco para abrir GW2Navi_2D junto com o jogo?

Posted by () at Sunday, 15. April 2018, 04:17. One comment

Boa tarde! Como faco pra abrir GW2Navi_2D junto com o jogo. No video de explicacao mostra usando junto com o jogo, mais nao sei como faco, tem um comando ou teclas de atalho?

Desde ja agrade├žo a ajuda.

Do we have a list of Elisa's location and currently offered items?

Posted by () at Tuesday, 3. April 2018, 04:10. 0 comments

Something like for the 6 PSNAs.

Alarms and customization

Posted by () at Saturday, 31. March 2018, 13:42. One comment

Hey guys ! I just wanted to know on what website do I need to be to get audio notifications for gem alarms and trading post ? or Can I freely browse any page and I will hear them regardless ?

LW4.2 Collection Items

Posted by () at Friday, 30. March 2018, 01:13. 4 comments

I'm not seeing any of the newer materials items yet. Like Diflourite Crystal. I think there are some new food ones, and another item or two for making bandoliers (or something like that).

Privacy Badger

Posted by () at Sunday, 4. March 2018, 11:58. 6 comments

I ran into an issue with the following error
gw2timer unable to retrieve response arenanet api server may be down

Disabling the add-on Privacy Badger solved the issue. I thought I should post it here in case someone else looks here for help.

style.css or so?

Posted by () at Thursday, 15. February 2018, 22:55. 3 comments

using gw2navi overlay for a while, and i end up with a question, can i change the look of this overlay by editing any .css styles?

if i cant, then can i use stylish + userstyles.org and etc, to force gw2timer.com using my own .css file to change colors/fonts and etc if im opening it via common web browser?

i would prefer to edit some styles in overlay, if this overlay uses any, because for me it looks like, overlay is working like borderless browser which only loads pages and nothing else.

[Bug] Nodes in Home Instance are missing

Posted by () at Sunday, 11. February 2018, 00:33. 5 comments


thanks for this great tool :)

Some of the gathering nodes in the home instance are missing:
- Orrian Oyster Node
- Brandstone Node
- Black Lion Hunters Contract

These two don't appear and also don't have a TP price:
- Advanced Leather Rack
- Advanced Cloth Rack


Posted by () at Monday, 5. February 2018, 03:31. One comment

It would be nice if there was a way you could show cumulative totals for things across all the API keys that you have entered, like all the gold or all the mystic coins you have.

Website Settings Suddenly Gone

Posted by () at Monday, 15. January 2018, 08:31. 12 comments

I use the site daily and when I came to the site today all my info was gone. My notes, my checklists, trade items, settings, API, all of it. I haven't cleared my browser cache or cookies so I'm not sure why it's suddenly gone. It worked fine yesterday. D:


Posted by () at Tuesday, 5. December 2017, 00:56. One comment

Hi GW2 timer maker the god!

I recently started doing the requirements to get the ascended weapon for specialization collection and it's a pain to look for that mouse dude, and it will be nice to have a timer for its respawn


Thank you very much

All Path Of Fire completion points are gone

Posted by () at Friday, 1. December 2017, 19:24. 5 comments

There is currently a bug where each and every Path Of Fire completion points are not showing up anymore.

Posted Image

Missing Desert Dailies

Posted by () at Sunday, 19. November 2017, 06:52. One comment

Hello :)
Today's daily is Desert miner in game. On Timer shows Maguma Wastes miner.
It is the same daily for the ones who doesn't have PoF?

Missing PoF Minis

Posted by () at Sunday, 5. November 2017, 20:21. 2 comments


I noticed that the PoF Minis aren't listened yet on gw2timer. Would be create if those could be added. :)

Question about gem and boss alarms

Posted by () at Saturday, 28. October 2017, 18:09. 2 comments

Hey ! I don't know if asking questions is allowed here, but is there any way to setup the volume and when you get alarm for gem store/gem exchange and all the world bossed ? like 15 min, 30 min, 10 min beforehand ?

Missing items in Hero page

Posted by Lasselen (Members) at Saturday, 21. October 2017, 04:13. 2 comments

With Sunspear exotic weapons equipped, these weapons are missing from the Hero page view. The character's traits and right-bar skills are also missing. The character's attribute area is visible but empty.

The weapons are Sunspear Horn (exotic) and Sunspear Rod (exotic). I have taken a screenshot of their data from the GW2Timer Characters console for reference (everything is appearing properly on the console).

Attached is a screenshot with the actual bug on the left and the console data on the right.

PS: the weapons that seem to be causing the issue do not appear in the Inventory pages either. They may not exist in GW2Timer's database at all.

GW2Timer Overlay - Bossalert

Posted by Kamikaze (Members) at Thursday, 19. October 2017, 23:46. 3 comments


I've installed GW2Timer Overlay 5 Days ago. I set up 4 alerts for bosses. I also tried to export the settings and import into web app. On the web app the alert is working, but in the overlay I do not hear anything.
Could anyone help? :)

Path of Fire meta event timers map research

Posted by Drant (Admins) at Wednesday, 11. October 2017, 14:19. 0 comments

I have not played any of Path of Fire content except for the beta, and I've heard that the new maps lacked "meta events". It turns out that there are some timed events that could be added to site, below are player reported timings of some events. I've added to the timeline the "Casino Blitz" and "Buried Treasure" event as confirmed by some players, if these are incorrect, or if you know of more scheduled events that can be added to the site then please reply to this thread.

Reddit - GW2 Wiki - GW2 Forum

Edit 2017-10-15: Serpents' Ire has been moved from the timeline to the Chains page, due to a sliding schedule (1 hour after reset, 90 minutes cycle); you can still find Serpents' Ire on the world boss row on the timeline by hovering over the timeline. On the chains page or tile mode, you may now subscribe to Serpents' Ire for alarms by clicking its time.

Wrong karma price for Satchel of Zealot's Exalted Armor

Posted by () at Thursday, 28. September 2017, 22:54. One comment

In pact supply today price for Satchel of Zealot's Exalted Armor is 25200 but real price is 50400 karma.


Unbound Magic Gathering Tools not available...

Posted by () at Thursday, 28. September 2017, 18:37. One comment

Gemstore through the app appears to that the Unbound Magic Gathering Tools are available while in fact arent :argh: , just pointing it out...guess those gemstore items are not subtracted by the API but made manually? :wtf:

or is it just me ? :???:

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