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☐ MR: LOTR and Diablo Specifics
Topic Started: Thursday, 9. July 2009, 23:31 (5,124 Views)

Hello. I am looking for a maps labeled as the following but have been unsuccessful at every turn. Please reply if you have or know where to get them. They go as following:

Siege of Mount Doom (2004) :: Author :: SoF-Amandil
Battle of Mount Doom (2004) :: Author :: SoF-Amandil
Battle of Dale (2004) :: Author :: SoF-Amandil

I am also looking for a siege/RPG map but can not seem to remember the exact name of it. Here are a few details about it that could get some creative juices running:

The last I remember it was of fantasy " Diablo-ish " theme. In the center of the map was a square composing of a defending city from the onslaught of demons and the Heros [players] would have to defend the city alongside computer units. In the most direct center was an area to purchase new units, heal, and upgrade for the Heros. There was also an area all along the bottom seperate from the square composing of a dungeon, if you will, where the heros would encounter obstacles such as minions, bosses, and buildings to destroy or work around.

Thank you for your time and patience and I hope to hear from you soon.
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I couldn't find any maps with the terms Mount Doom or Dale in my collection; maybe its filename is different? Here is a map pack of all the LOTR maps I have; I have found some by the same author.

Also, you could try emailing SoF-Amandil, though his account is inactive since 2005

Knowing the name of the map, and then type, tileset, and size, are the most important factors I need to find a map--beside already having played them and being given the description. Unfortunately I don't think I've played any maps you're requesting.
For the Diablo-ish map, have you checked all the maps inside the Assault and Warrior category?

Diablo II RPG.scm (87KB) is the closest map I can recall and match.
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Ah I see, thank you for sifting through all those maps for me for the SoF-Amandil author, I always loved his maps but no longer have them due to having a new computer and not backed up my old Starcraft map files. However, I am quite pleased with the results either way :).

I shall sift through a few of the maps as posted above and see whats around.

Thank you so much for your time and effort, I will certainly returning often to here :).
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