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Lounge Forum Unavailable?
Topic Started: Wednesday, 25. November 2009, 04:03 (5,749 Views)


It's been a while since many people have posted, but i'm pretty sure it's because the User Interface for finding maps is already near 100% perfect. However, there may also be another reason why the forum traffic is not as heavy: because the Lounge Forum is Read-Only :tantrum:

If you can make the Lounge Forum both post-able and readable, i'm sure there could be a little bit more forum traffic going on. Even if it's some off-topic guru goof-balls like my self :lol:

Thanks again, and keep up the great work Renaka. Almost everyone I know uses this (mind you very well made) site for all of their Starcraft map needs!


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Some months ago there was a pesky troll that posted his diary-like posts here. After several threads, I searched using phrases from his posts and found that he spammed them at other forums, too. So I just banned him and closed the Lounge forum which only he used.

I thought there won't ever be enough people coming here to actually socialize instead of asking questions, so I kept it close.

The Lounge forum is open again at your request :^^:

And thanks for the compliments :joy:
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