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☑ MR: Bound Defense; Cannot Find This Map Anywhere!!!
Topic Started: Sunday, 23. January 2011, 23:51 (3,654 Views)

Hello, I've been searching for days for Bound Defense or Bound Defense 2. I cannot remember the tileset and anything like that but before every round you were sent to a little box at the bottom of the map(each player had their own box).

Every round a new bound would come up. It would show u the bound 3 times first then you would bound it, for how ever much time u were in it would give you money for the upcoming round which you could use with an scv that could build supply depots.

In The Bottom Right there was a men combo chooser (Rine,Rine,Rine or Rine,Fbat,Gohst or any variations of that). Please help i really want to play this.
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Bound Defense is in the [Defense >> B b >> Bound Defense] folder.
I've uploaded some more, see if you find what you're looking for: http://www.box.net/shared/8qm9vb56t3
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