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☐ MR: Stop Batches of enemies without blocking
Topic Started: Wednesday, 4. May 2011, 23:13 (2,515 Views)

I could not remember the name, I have been trying to find it here but I dont know where to find it.

I hope that you or someone remember playing it, It would be great if I can find that one again. I will try to describe how it was:

The map was nothing but a corridor from top to bottom.
on the left you have the structures to generate all possible Terran units. which apear inmediately on the center part.
every X time a bulk of enemies goes from top to bottom and you loose if any of them reaches the bottom.
enemies are progresive. (zerglings,hidras,... after a while it comes some air enemies etc.)
you gain money for every kill.

The difficult part...: you are not able to block their path. if you do so. they attack you to be able to continue. and since they have superstrength. a single hit will destroy the blocking so that they can continue.

the trick was mainly to arrange your units in a way that they need to walk as much as possible to have more time to killthem. and have a good combination because you need either for ground, air, and even invisible enemies.

There is just only one that I found similar and was called "Defend Turret" or something like that... but that is only with turrets and you need to kill only air enemies. and the path was like a snake. the one I search is just straight from top to bottom.

I really hope someone remembers this one.

and nice webpage by the way. :-P
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Is it Level Defense?

I need more information such as the map tileset, dimension, associated names so I can remember if I played it. If I haven't then I can't help you because there are just too many defense maps for me to check.
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that one has a path crossing, thother one is just like that one but a single aile. unfortunately I dont have more information at the moment. But if I get it I will try to share it.

I know there are many like this one but do you know under which category I can try to download some and try them?
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Defense >> Matrix
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