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MR: RP Maps missing in the archive; Looking for these spec maps looked all over
Topic Started: Sunday, 29. January 2012, 01:37 (3,435 Views)

Ive been rebuilding my rp collection for a few days but there's a few giving me trouble. I was wondering if you anyone on here has these. I have went through staredit, goods, maplantis,dj,this site, sc-maps and others. Cannot find these or links broken. I will upload these back to Renaka afterwards, so the next person can enjoy them.

RP Blue
Laststand laststand (p)
Final Fantasy RP
Everlore Diamond
Prophecies 1.1B
Prophecies 1.2 Fixed
Prophecies Limited(x)
Prophecies 1.3 fixed
Realm of Antioch
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I am the only person who frequents the forum so don't expect anyone else to reply.

I only found Realm of Antioch. I've also uploaded more RP maps to the folder. For others you may try your luck at those sites' respective request threads.

If you do find those maps, reply with links and I will upload them.
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Hey, Excalibur here, also known as D[ark]7, Laura's assistant. Would it be possible for Jos and Neo Ticon to be added?

If I need to put them on mediafire for you to add them I will do so.

Thanks :)
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Hello Drant,

I took your advice and tried creating a thread with staredit, but it was closed down. However i posted in the map request thread and was able to find RP Blue and maybe a Prophecies 1.3 fixed you meant not have in the database. The rest of the files i believe you already have. If i find more ill post back. Thanks for the Antioch.

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Uploaded both of your requests. Thanks drow.
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