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Topic Started: Tuesday, 2. July 2013, 06:09 (1,876 Views)

Hey is the Owner of this site still active? Just wondering.

p.s. Love the sc1 greatest hits. Updates pls :)
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Yes, I'm still here, I just don't play SC1 or SC2 as much. Did you want to ask if I'll update SC1 Greatest Hits and add more games? I've been occupied with another game, and map making in SC2 hasn't felt as fruitful as in SC1, so I've stopped development.

I only update the website if there's a problem with it and haven't been uploading newer maps. You can call it inactive, but certainly not dead. Thank you for your appreciation of SGH, I do hope one day to find the enthusiasm to work on it again.
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haha i agree :) I miss sc1 and cant find my old cd to go and play those awesome maps, which is why i rely on SGH to play my the ones i miss or watch youtube. Just going to say this, I personally think Sgh is one of my favorite sc2 maps :)
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