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GW2Navi Guild Wars 2 Overlay; Information, download, and discussion
Topic Started: Sunday, 13. July 2014, 08:03 (222,955 Views)

Can confirm it was the new launcher. I had the white border problem and switching to 8u144 fixed it. Been having issues with the 3D version. I haven't been able to find a video showing what its supposed to look like. But I don't believe the map overlay is working.
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Can you give a screenshot of the problem with the 3D version?

It's supposed to look like this (if resized, normally it covers your entire screen).
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there is a problem just happen at me (not only new version. and my english is shit)

it is always flash when i use it
just like it open two page and swap(when flashing),
when i press Right Button i can see that

that is just open it

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When does the flash happen?

What screen resolution?

Windows 7, 8, 10?

Java 8, 9?
If 9, then try Java 8 (uninstall Java 9 before). If 8 then try Java 9.

Zoom level normal (0.0) or different?
Posted Image

Try: ≡ > Options > Enable Native GUI (off)

Does it happen with IE version, or older Chromium version?

Did you resize your image? Please don't resize it, because I cannot see the correct window size.
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Can you help me fix this?
The white screen behind the navi is showing
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In the troubleshooting for the white/blank area bug:
Uninstall Java 9 and install Java 8.

You're the second person to report this. I might have to switch back to Java 8 if this bug appears for everyone.
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