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TP App search capability not working (2015-04)
Topic Started: Tuesday, 7. April 2015, 05:36 (1,201 Views)
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This message concerns the TP app at http://gw2timer.com/tp

Because Anet doesn't provide an API (a web service) to search for items by its name, I used gw2spidy.com's API. Currently the site is down and with it the API. If this continues then I will provide either a way to input the item's ID manually--from cut and pasting the URL from gw2tp.com, or to use an inhouse search algorithm (will take a long time to create).

For now all the items you saved will still be updating its price, checking for notification conditions. Please do not modify your items' name or they will be erased from the calculator and you won't be able to search for it and input it back into the calculator.

Edit: I added a backup search provider, gw2shinies.com
When the search fails to load results, it will toggle a boolean variable, which determines whether the program uses either (currently) gw2spidy or gw2shinies. You may manually turn on the backup provider using http://gw2timer.com?bol_useMainTPSearch=false or going to Options page, Trading section.
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