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Gem Exchange Suggestion
Topic Started: Monday, 7. September 2015, 07:34 (1,304 Views)

Would it be possible to add a function that would show how much a set number of gems cost to buy with gold? I think that would be nice to know instead of how many gems you can buy with a set amount of gold.
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Did you hover over the boxes to see their purpose? The gem exchange app has three columns that has two-way exchanges.
First column is coin/gold, second is gem, third is real money.

Since you asked how much gold is needed to buy X gems, then put your X gems in the second column. On that same column, the upside down stack of coins icon (the 4th row of the 2nd column) is the amount of gold you need.

Example: I put "500" in the 1st row of the 2nd column, the 4th row of the 2nd column now reads "146.19.88", which is 146 gold 19 silver 88 copper, needed to buy that 500 gems. Note that this exchange is based on a sampling of a ratio, as Anet doesn't provide a direct exchange like in the game, so it'll be approximate.
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Oh! I didn't realize what the upside down icons all meant. Thanks for explaining that to me! This is quite a thorough site!
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