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Timeline stuck open
Topic Started: Wednesday, 18. November 2015, 08:21 (1,143 Views)

The timeline is stuck open, I start the program and close it then hide the timeline perm in options, mess around with something on the map and it pops back up, and neither toggling the checkbox in options o clicking the the x on the timeline gets rid of it.
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I should've tested that option more thoroughly. I made a quick fix so it should not show up at all if you have that option unchecked. The (X) close button however is meant to temporarily hide it only.

I might later change it so the timeline is not created at all if the user has the option unchecked. Right now it only hides it.

Thanks for the report.
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Wow, really fast support. No worries, it's a amazing program that I just checked it out today after not playing GW2 for years.

I saw your post on reddit saying you would respond faster here, but I didn't imagine a response and fix within minutes. Great support and a great program what a rare combination. Keep up the good work. :)
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