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War in Greece Map
Topic Started: Wednesday, 24. February 2016, 09:39 (1,113 Views)
War in Greece map

I cant quite remember the maps name. I THINK it was war in Greece, but it easily could of been the Peloponnese war or any variation along those themes; invasion of greece, persian invasion, etc.

Basically it was your classic strategy/ww2 type map, except it was set in the day of sparta, athens, and persia. Had various 'teams' on it, and it was fairly popular I'd say around 2010 or 2011? I cant find the map in the map pack anywhere, but I was wondering if i just overlooked. Any help much appreciated! :lol:
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I didn't play much strategy maps, and wasn't playing SC for those years either. I tried looking through my hard drive for those keywords you said and didn't find a map like that.

Have you tried looking at the Conquest map pack? A few people still play SC at staredit.net so you can try asking about that map there.
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