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manual zoom in/out buttons for map
Topic Started: Sunday, 22. May 2016, 23:50 (786 Views)

Hey. Thanks for gw2timer.com -- it's amazingly good!

The one thing I miss is that my second screen is a laptop, and it only has "swipe to zoom" available. That doesn't play real nice with the map zoom, though, since it loves to generate a dozen scroll wheel messages immediately, and zoom out until the map is a spec of sand.

It'd be useful to me if there was a manual zoom in/out button on the map, which could just be clicked to step up and down one notch...
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The map had zoom buttons for a long time now, it's just that it's only shown when the site detects a touch device, such as a phone or tablet.

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Do you have a phone to test view the site? Do the buttons show up? Maybe the touch detection fails because it's a laptop, which is mouse and touch hybrid. I could add an option on the map display popup to manually show the zoom buttons.
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