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Skritt Burglar chest locations.
Topic Started: Friday, 27. May 2016, 06:04 (1,170 Views)

so, there are some achievements and the legendary weapon Quip requires you to hunt down the skritt burglars. could you add the possible map locations to navi?

the achievements say that you need to get turned into an animal by the pots that get thrown by the skritt. the item that drops for quip is not an guaranteed drop. so, it will require some hunting.

the wiki has some locations already plotted on the map. others are just descriptions.

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http://gw2timer.com/skrittburglar or Map page, Collectibles section. The locations are pulled straight from Anet's event API. Also I noticed a bug with the Dynamic Events feature, so I fixed that. Thanks for pointing this out.

Use the "Show zone borders" feature from the map options Posted Image to distinguish the type of skritt transformation you'll get based on the map's region (Shiverpeaks = Jackalope).
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