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Bloodstone Fen event timers
Topic Started: Friday, 29. July 2016, 04:15 (7,929 Views)
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Each instance of Bloodstone Fen is running on its own timer (like Silverwastes), so through the LFG tool you can look for and join people in other Bloodstone Fen map instances with the event you want active, and repeat this "hopping" process infinitely as allowed by the number of map instances/servers. Obviously if you have just finished killing the Unbound Guardian (final boss) then that instance will restart its long cooldown. As for the night events which are global, use the timer on the clock or the Verdant Brink timeline.

Timings Research
Bloodstone Maw: 60 minutes cooldown after Unbound Guardian (final boss) is defeated, then Jade Constructs will respawn.
Justiciar Hablion: 30 minutes cooldown after Justiciar Hablion is defeated, then the Exorcise pre-event will restart.
Fragmented Wastes: Probably no cooldown, just complete 8/8 "Rift" events and the Champion Bloodstone Elemental will respawn.
Alari Doubleblade: Wait until night then kill the four spirit champions one by one: Ehrin > Nyle > Josa > Lloyd, then Alari will spawn; source: Wiki. The day/night cycle is 2 hours long, so this event happens once every 2 hours.
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