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Account Recipes, learned Recipes not listed
Topic Started: Friday, 12. August 2016, 06:38 (465 Views)

Hey, first: I really love GW2Timers and thanks a lot for ur hard work !!
Second: I´m not a english native speaker, so i aplogize for mistakes T.T

After the update to crafting Recipes unlocking the recipe account wide, i got rid of an old charakter i only kept because he learned some very expensive recipes.
Now these recipes show up as not learned in the account recipes panel of GW2Timers even if some of my other chars can craft these items and did already.

Would really love a fix if possible, since i use the account recipes tool to collect and learn ALL THE RECIPES (i like that kind of stuff <3)

Thanks !
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In ArenaNet's API, each character has its own array of recipe ID numbers, representing what they've learned. ArenaNet have not released a single combined array (account wide), so the site still only shows whatever at least one of your character has learned. Since you deleted that character, that array is gone, while your other characters still have the old "true" learned recipe sheets that they consumed.

I would make a note of this in the official forums but it seems the Anet dev has been less active these weeks. I expect if they do implement the new combined recipes it would take a while. So in short, it's up to Anet to fix this.
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Enzymatic, if you're still using the site, I've added Anet's account wide array to the recipes unlocks table.
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