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Community help plz
Topic Started: Tuesday, 27. September 2016, 02:49 (621 Views)
looking for community help here

recently started using this overlay, and had a question about its refresh rate. the GPS refresh is 50 ms is there a way to set it lower then 50? say 10? the jumpiness of the refresh rate is wiggin my eyes out, so any help would be appreciated!
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There are two refresh rates: one you set in the options.ini file named "GPS_REFRESH_RATE" (50 by default); the other you set on the website, under the Posted Image icon. The overlay's rate is how often it reads GW2's GPS data and sends it to the website program, the website's rate is how often is updates the map and character pin using that data.

50 ms is very fast and looks smooth to me in the Chromium version. Maybe you are using the IE version?
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