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Pact Supply Network Agent daily offers to be discontinued
Topic Started: Friday, 6. January 2017, 08:46 (1,640 Views)
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The list that shows the daily recipe sheet offered by each Pact Supply Network Agent NPC will no longer be updated. All other Pact Supply features will still be available from the dashboard.

The reasons for discontinuing the daily offers feature:

  • A full year record of recipes offered has been collated. The recipes offered are random, at least in terms of the day-of-year pattern.
  • The trading post is (currently) saturated with recipes such that they're less than 5g, so you may be better off instead buying about 6 Pact Scout's Mapping Materials from each vendor instead and wait for the Frostgorge Sound map reward week.
  • Collecting the recipe data cost me about 18 silver and 10 minutes per day, and the two reasons above seal the decision.

You may ask if it's possible to simply let the website's users to submit the daily recipes, but the website is client-based (HTML/JS only), with a pseudo-database that I upload/update daily. If anyone wishes to keep recording these offers and posting them to a public Google Docs themselves then please be my guest.

I hope that you have enjoyed previewing the recipes and have acquired every account bound ones that you had yearned for.
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Thank you for your time and effort put into updating this and keeping it current every day. I honestly thought it was all done automatically and didn't require daily intervention. Your work is much appreciated. Thanks again!
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I've now changed the Pact Supply daily offers list so it pulls data from a public Google Docs spreadsheet. Open this spreadsheet by clicking the "Update" link from the Pact Supply dashboard; the instructions on how to use it are within the spreadsheet. Anyone can edit the green shaded portion of the spreadsheet, which are to hold ID numbers of the recipes with respect to the merchant's name.

Since I will no longer be updating the list, please use this spreadsheet to update and verify the items offered so people who still haven't gotten a chance to purchase the account bound items can finally do.
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