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Tangled Depths mapping route
Topic Started: Wednesday, 8. February 2017, 10:33 (1,793 Views)

Hello, thanks as always for your awesome gw2 tool.

I had a question about your Tangled Depths mapping routes, though the other HoT maps are by extension applied to as well.

Are the HoT mapping routes currently optimized for proper routes or just randomly placed?

The other day I tried using your TD mapping pointers and they just 'point' to the relevant places without telling me how to get there.

For example, Chak Staging Area poi requires the use of the Nuhoch Wallows below that poi, but players unaware of such things will have a look at it and go 'how the hell..?'.

I myself were wondering about for some good time until thankfully I found this website that showed me the exact way to get to it.

I feel like your routes could do with an update, or did you intentionally leave it like the way it is so that the users themselves alter the routes according to their tastes?

Do you have any plans to update them in the future?

Thanks in advance, please keep your awesome work going for us!
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The HoT maps never had proper completion routes due to their multilayered terrain, and the difficulty of representing it in a 2D map. I may compile HoT routes after I finish the 3D version of the overlay. I have something like this in mind.
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I see, thanks for the reply. The 3D version sounds very promising.
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