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Suggestion: Add PS Key timer; Might think about adding a timer for personal story key reward
Topic Started: Sunday, 26. February 2017, 00:32 (651 Views)


I've recently started burning through all my experience scrolls on new characters to free up some bank space. I'm just getting them through lvl 10 story rewards, nab the key and delete character and 1 week later repeat. Of course I have to monitor the 1 week cool down so I don't waste a character. I record time so that way I know what time next week I can repeat the process. I don't plan on doing this until my bank is free from the scrolls.

So, I thought why not automate this using your timer. So my suggestion is could you think about adding a feature that when the user checks it, it starts a countdown set for the 1 week cooldown for the personal story key reward. It's user operated, so all you have to do other than code the checkbox and place it on the site is know the timer length for the key cooldown which I'm pretty sure is 168hours. Once a user checks the box, it starts the custom cooldown and could even alert you when ready.

It wouldn't need to even add to your existing map or dashboard. It could just be a feature under tools that the user would only see if they chose to use it like the trade tracker. Maybe an alert could appear on the map but only if the user so selected.

What do you think?

*edit: I looked at wiki. Apparently the timer resets Sunday 23:30 UTC-8. I thought it was a countdown timer that started when key obtained, so this probably not needed afterall
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The Personal Checklist has a weekly reset timer under the "7" tab. I had even added a "Farmed personal story key" checkbox. Try that and see if the timing is correct.
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Huh.. never even knew that was there. Thanks! I've been using this basically since launch, now I wonder what else I haven't found yet...
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