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Character progression; suggestion for character progression
Topic Started: Friday, 24. March 2017, 06:27 (515 Views)

HI , Like your site

Could we get a possibility to check what parts of the story each of our characters has done?

I mean
Personal story
Living world season 2
HoT steps
Living world season 3

Cuase sometimes I wonder if I have a cheracter avaialble at a certain point of progressions so I can join on opthers, but checking proigression on 20+ characters tens to be a hassle.
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I looked at my character's raw API data file and there's only a "backstory" property which tells the questions/answers from character creation and personal story quests. What's missing for each character is the "stories" property. So you may want to make this suggestion to the ArenaNet forum, because the website simply presents Anet's data, and it cannot present data which do not exist (yet).
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