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A bit of clutter that could be eliminated
Topic Started: Sunday, 2. April 2017, 06:17 (479 Views)


First, awesome app. Obviously you spend a lot of time on this. Thanks.

I don't really have a complaint. This thing you got going has all the bells and whistles a gal could ask for. One thing that kind of jumps out at me is the yellow timer titles next to the moving horizontal green bar. Sometimes that yellow text is right on top of other text and it's, well, cluttered.

For example, I look at your timer and the bar is at rest for AB. The yellow text Auric Basin is right on top of the word Rest and the time after it obscuring the bottom of the text . Seems cramped for an otherwise visually stunning program, no?

I assume you are trying to tell the user which bar is a timer for what map. I bet you though the average GW2 player already can figure that out looking at, plus, you already have a tool tip for that. If you really need the title, why not eliminate it from the horizontal green bar and just title the row. Sure you'd have to sacrifice some table width to add a new column but at least it wouldn't be so cramped.

Something to consider, if ANET keeps adding more map timers you'll have to keep adding more rows and that will just add clutter. Making the timer bars able to hide was an excellent touch, but you'll be fighting a losing battle in regards to yellow text on top of other text.

Anyhow, this is still a wonderful site you obviously take great care into developing this. The slight problem of text on top of text is minimal but looks out of place in regards to everything else. Wish you lots of luck as you keep developing this tool.
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A user previously had the same request: to remove each row's name by the green indicator line. I had only removed it for the overlay mode. Now that I'm in the process of remodeling the site, I tested how the timeline looked when I resized my browser to simulate a smaller screen, and I can see how often the overlapping happens and how annoying it can be.

As you said, the map names can still be seen when hovered on each row, so I deleted the map names without any replacement (such as putting them on the left side, but that would take up space). If you have any other suggestions then please continue.
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