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Add a bank filter to the cleanup tool.; My bank is full, help me keep it clean!
Topic Started: Tuesday, 11. April 2017, 20:44 (618 Views)

The bank is where I most need to clean up. Please let me use the cleanup tool to see what stuff in the bank I could clean up, currently I have to hover over each thing to see what character has it in the inventory.

Maybe a per hero filter could be useful also?

Thanks for reading this and thanks for the site.
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The Cleanup tool essentially combines your bank, materials, inventories, and equipment. I cannot separate it.

Instead, I've added a bank filter button:
Posted Image

So when you're on the Bank or Inventory page, click that button and it will highlight items that you can salvage, vendor, or consume. Note that the Inventory page generates content on demand, so you will have to click that filter button again when you open one character's inventory.

Here are the current differences between the Cleanup tool and this filter button:
Cleanup tool considers food.
Filter button considers below-rare weapons and armors, which should be vendored.
Filter button considers upgrades, such as runes, sigils, and infusions.

Thanks for the suggestion. If you want changes to this feature then please comment.
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Thanks, this does the trick! Thanks for acting so quick!
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