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Black Screen Background
Topic Started: Wednesday, 12. April 2017, 11:43 (544 Views)

Why is it sometimes the website and the overlay show a lot of Black and not the maps or portions of the maps but not all with black squares?
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The map uses tile images from Anet's server. Anet's security certificates expired, so your browser doesn't trust the images enough to download them.

Example Map Tile: https://tiles.guildwars2.com/1/1/7/85/90.jpg
Example Item Icon: https://render.guildwars2.com/file/CCA100FEF45DC4626893049D9B3E04763C43569D/63376.png

If you can't open the above links then the problem still exists. I made a post in the official forums and am waiting for ArenaNet to respond. The map images are huge and there are tens of thousands of item icons, so I did not cache them on the site, and solely depend on Anet servers for those assets. If this problem continues for more than day, I'll look for alternatives to those images.

By the way, I have the error message posted on the site's dashboard on the top right. Is it hard to see? Maybe I could turn it into a popup message so it's more noticeable.
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Oh thanks a lot for letting us know. I thought that it has something to do with my own PC, since three different browsers and the download version didn't work.
And on that note I don't think that your error message is that much visible. Still haven't found it yet.
Hope it will get fixed soon.
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never mind, it works again
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