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Gem Store Page Bug - Shining Blade Glider; Page shows the glider is availible, but it isn´t in the game
Topic Started: Sunday, 23. April 2017, 02:08 (435 Views)

Hi everybody,
just wanted to let you know the gem store page shows the shining blade glider is availible, but it isn´t in the game (or I can´t find it?). Just a small bug, I guess.
Thanks for an amazing work!
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You're right, the backpack was marked as unavailable while the glider was marked as available, even though they're only sold as a single package. I've made them both unavailable now in accordance with the gem store's Style tab. Similarly the Super Adventure Holo-Copter is made unavailable too.

The Gem Store Wishlist availability record is manually maintained, so it depends on me checking and others reporting discrepancies from the real gem store, so thanks for telling.
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