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[Bug?] Wrong Daily Achievements; Daily achievements shown for June 20 are wrong
Topic Started: Tuesday, 20. June 2017, 21:56 (643 Views)

The daily PVE achievements for Tuesday, June 20 are showing as Muguuma Miner, Kryta Vista Viewer, Cursed Shore Event Completer and Urmaug's Secret Jumping Puzzle.

The actual in game daily achievements for today are: Shiverpeaks Miner, Ascalon Vista Viewer, Verdant Brink Event Completer, Forgotten Stream Minidungeon.

The PVP dailies also appear to be wrong. Two aren't showing at all (wrong icons with no tooltips on mouseover)

The WVW dailies are greyed out and show no tooltips when moused over.

Edited by Darkfalcon, Tuesday, 20. June 2017, 21:58.
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The site's PvE row is correctly showing Anet's API daily achievements (API has Maguuma Jungle Miner even though the game has Shiverpeaks Miner). We'll have to wait for Anet to fix/update the API.

The PvP dailies has two new achievements today. I have to manually add the achievements' IDs and icons since the calendar is custom-made. The tooltips should be fixed now, and I will add proper icons later when the PvP Tournament patch is released.

Thanks for reporting.
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Thanks for the explanation Drant, and thanks for all the work you do maintaining this great tool. I'd be lost in game without it. It makes navigating GW2 much, much easier and quicker.
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