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Looking for an old insane ai map; insane ai with talking computers
Topic Started: Tuesday, 15. August 2017, 11:12 (487 Views)
Looking for an old insane ai map

Not sure if anyone remembers this rare map, but I'm wondering if anyone has seen this particular BGH map with really insane AI that speaks whenever you attack or provoke it. It was really difficult and I think it may have prebuilt bases. At least 3 or 4 insane computer opponents against 3 or 4 human players. The name may have been insane hunters, insane hunterz or something along those lines. The tileset was large jungle BGH. Any help would be appreciated.
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Did you look in the F1 - Custom map pack? Most of the maps I have are from 2010 and earlier, so if you played that map later than that year then I probably don't have it or able to identify it.

Here are all the maps I have with the word "Hunters" or "Insane" in it.
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Thanks for the fast response. Unfortunately I do not see that particular map in those files. The only thing that made the map special were the talking computers and extreme difficulty. It was definitely pre year 2000 and I remember playing it on my old Pentium 133 on 28.8k dialup. If only I kept that pc.

Looks like I will continue searching, but if anything else comes to mind please feel free to mention it. I may never find this map, but thank you for helping out so far!
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