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Gathering Nodes in LS3 zones aren't very accurate
Topic Started: Friday, 25. August 2017, 13:04 (369 Views)

Zones with Jade Shards, Petrified Wood, etc are not accurate with the nodes in them. I've noticed the only one that is pretty accurate is the zone with Winter Berries. Is there any way for me to change the node location within the overlay addon myself?
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Bitterfrost Frontier's winterberries are permanent nodes. The nodes in other LS3 zones have many possible spawn points (like regular iron nodes); I recorded only some of them when I encountered them, so when you're looking for those nodes just wander in the proximity.

The nodes in the Resource Nodes page are manually written by me. To add your own "nodes", right click on the map > Compass > Nodes. You'll lay a node where your cursor right clicked. Save those nodes you've set by: Compass > Save > choose a save slot. Again, those nodes are random, so you may not encounter them when you revisit the map as they'll be in another spawn point.
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