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Alarms for when something is priced 0 gems?; Help us
Topic Started: Thursday, 31. August 2017, 22:53 (577 Views)

I don't really care about discounts but I often care about the free giveaways. Any way to get an alarm for when stuff is priced 0 gems? Maybe a special freebie alarm?

On a related note it would be cool if the site support push notifications, especially for this stuff. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/push-notifications-firefox
If that isn't possible then maybe an rss/atom feed or a twitter account for free gem stuff? I would use that with https://ifttt.com to notify myself.

Thanks for the cool site.
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I added a faux item to the Gem Store Wishlist. It's under the Outfit category (because it's at the top) and looks like a present box. Subscribe to it like any other item and you'll get the same alarm when I put that faux item to the Sales dashboard.

I added desktop notifications last week, you can get popups as long as you have the site on a browser tab. As for desktop push notifications which works even when you don't have the site in the background, that requires a server. I think the desktop notification fits the purpose well enough, since desktop/push doesn't work at all if you're not on your computer or not have your browser opened.

Also, if you're talking about mobile push notifications, that's very unlikely to be implemented.
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Thanks for the wishlist thing, it's exactly what I wanted!
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