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gem email alerts
Topic Started: Thursday, 7. September 2017, 07:00 (378 Views)

Is it possible to receive daily (or hourly?) email alerts whenever an item youve subscribed to is available, or on sale, in the gem store?

This would be useful as you wouldn't have to be on the website to know when your interested gem items are in the store
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Hi, i don't know where to ask that so i write here - why i cannot see the timer for temple orr bosses nor legacy bosses ?
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The website runs on your computer. There is no server to send email for you (which cost money). Right now you can set up voice alerts or desktop notifications while having the website in a background browser tab.

Those legacy bosses don't have a set schedule. They spawn depending on whether the players in the map instances are doing it or not, and they restart based on when the events last failed or succeeded, independent of the hours on the clock. You'll have to manually go in the map and check for those events' status. ArenaNet unfortunately said they won't make those statuses available probably due to technical reasons.
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