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Unbound Magic Gathering Tools not available...
Topic Started: Thursday, 28. September 2017, 18:37 (406 Views)

Gemstore through the app appears to that the Unbound Magic Gathering Tools are available while in fact arent :argh: , just pointing it out...guess those gemstore items are not subtracted by the API but made manually? :wtf:

or is it just me ? :???:
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The way I update the master list is by using the in-game "Promotions" tab, which ArenaNet posts items that was recently added or will be removed.

I probably forgot to remove those items when they appeared on the Promotions tab. Or if ArenaNet decides to remove them without warning, I would totally miss it, because I don't do a complete check of the in-game Gem Store.

I've removed them from the wishlist so you can now subscribe for availability instead of discount.

Thanks for reporting.
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