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Missing items in Hero page; Several items are missing when certain weapons are equipped
Topic Started: Saturday, 21. October 2017, 04:13 (392 Views)

With Sunspear exotic weapons equipped, these weapons are missing from the Hero page view. The character's traits and right-bar skills are also missing. The character's attribute area is visible but empty.

The weapons are Sunspear Horn (exotic) and Sunspear Rod (exotic). I have taken a screenshot of their data from the GW2Timer Characters console for reference (everything is appearing properly on the console).

Attached is a screenshot with the actual bug on the left and the console data on the right.

PS: the weapons that seem to be causing the issue do not appear in the Inventory pages either. They may not exist in GW2Timer's database at all.
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Those two items aren't in ArenaNet's API (yet), so the slot filler and attribute calculator fails to render due to an uncaught null exception. I guess I could make those functions tolerate the unreleased item; the problem will "resolve itself" once Anet adds them to their online database.

When I release the workaround, the stats won't add those two weapons because the calculator doesn't have the information.

Thanks for reporting. How did you find out about the secret character printout?
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Thanks, the placeholder items solved the problem as you expected.
If you mean the green console thingy, I found it by chance. I clicked on the character's icon image instead of the character's name in the "Characters" window's list.
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