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Question about gem and boss alarms
Topic Started: Saturday, 28. October 2017, 18:09 (308 Views)

Hey ! I don't know if asking questions is allowed here, but is there any way to setup the volume and when you get alarm for gem store/gem exchange and all the world bossed ? like 15 min, 30 min, 10 min beforehand ?
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To change the volume, click "Alarm" Posted Image popup menu on the top right corner of the map; the horizontal slider is the volume control.

To set alarm for gem store items, go to the Gem page, hover over an item, click the bell Posted Image icon that appears.

To set alarm for bosses, go to the Chains page and click on the time/countdown (right side of the boss' name). The 15 or 30 minutes you want can be changed from the "Alarm" Posted Image popup menu on the top right corner of the map; it's under "Subscription Alarm Mode" header with the input box "First/Second Alarm". The "Checklist" alarm mode is always 15/30/45 minutes, but the "Subscription" alarm mode is changeable like I said.
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@Drant thank you very much ! that is very very handy :D
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