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Missing Desert Dailies
Topic Started: Sunday, 19. November 2017, 06:52 (421 Views)
not showing Desert Dailies

Hello :)
Today's daily is Desert miner in game. On Timer shows Maguma Wastes miner.
It is the same daily for the ones who doesn't have PoF?
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ArenaNet turned off the expansion tags for the dailies API, so the site can't tell whether the daily is for vanilla GW2, HoT, or PoF. Also I haven't been to the new maps to find the best places to complete the dailies. For those two reasons I haven't added Path of Fire achievements to the daily calendar.

Since you ask I can add them, but the map locations will be guesswork. If you can suggest good places to do the new dailies then I can also add the coordinates to the site.
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