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suggestion; Caffeinated Skritt Burglar
Topic Started: Tuesday, 5. December 2017, 00:56 (398 Views)

Hi GW2 timer maker the god!

I recently started doing the requirements to get the ascended weapon for specialization collection and it's a pain to look for that mouse dude, and it will be nice to have a timer for its respawn


Thank you very much
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The timer is probably static, and if it's like most events, the cooldown should be 15 minutes, or a multiple of 5 (20, 25, or 30 minutes after). I intentionally chased several skritt burglars down before to study their spawn; it's like a tripmine, the event will continually be ready to activate until a player comes within the trigger area, the respawn time is dependent on when you succeeded or failed at catching the skritt, in which the game will pick a random point again to lay that tripmine event.

In other words, I can't make a timer for these player-triggered and instance-dependent events.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will update the static skritt burglar map sometime.
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