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Alarms and customization
Topic Started: Saturday, 31. March 2018, 13:42 (141 Views)

Hey guys ! I just wanted to know on what website do I need to be to get audio notifications for gem alarms and trading post ? or Can I freely browse any page and I will hear them regardless ?
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https://gw2timer.com/gem for the gem alarms, hover over an icon and click the bell to subscribe to that item.

https://gw2timer.com/tp for trading post alarms, read these instructions to set the price range you want.

You can set the notification styles by clicking on "Alarms" on the main site https://gw2timer.com

For the gem store alerts, you just need to have the website on a browser tab. But for the trading post prices, you have to manually open the Trading Post section of the website to start the monitoring process, then you can browse normally.
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